Lagun FTV-2 Variable Speed Manual Milling 



3-Axis Digital ReadOut (DRO)

3HP Spindle Motor

X-Axis Powerfeed

One Shot Lube System



Table Area: 50" x 10"

X-Axis, Longitudinal Travel: 33"

... with Powerfeed: 29½"

Y-Axis, Cross Travel: 16"

Z-Axis, Vertical Knee Travel: 16"

Quill Travel: 5"

Spindle Motor: 3HP

Spindle Speeds: 55 to 4250 rpm

Spindle Taper: R-8

Head Tilt Right to Left: 90 Degrees

Head Tilt Front to Back: 45 Degrees

Distance from Center of Spindle to Body: 6" - 30"

Max. Distance from Spindle to Table: 18½"

Approx. Floor Space: 63" x 59"

Approx. Machine Height: 70"

Approx. Machine Weight: 2,850 Lbs.

Power Requirement: 220 Volt, 3 Phase

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