2012 Litz MCV-1200A Vertical CNC Mill Mitsubishi M70 Control

Model: MCV-1200A

SN: 1E11B0194


Travel For 3-Axes

X-Axis Travel: mm 1200

Y-Axis Travel: mm 600

Z-Axis Travel: mm 675

Spindle Nose To Workable Surface: mm 100~775


Spindle Speed: rpm 20,000

Automatic Tool Changing System

Number of Tools: 24

Max. Tool Diameter: mm 80/125

Max. Tool Length: mm 300

Max. Tool Weight: kg 7

Tool Changing Method: Arm


Spindle Motor (Continuous/30min. Rated) kw (HP) 15/18.5

Motors On X/Y/Z-Axis: kw 3.5/3.5/3.5


Worktable Area: mm 1220 X 620

Worktable Max. Load Capacity: kg 1000

T-Slot (Number X Width X Distance From The Center): mm 5 x 18 x 100

Rapid Speed:

X-Axis Rapid Speed: M/min 30

Y-Axis Rapid Speed: M/min 30

Z-Axis Rapid Speed: M/min 24

Cutting Feed Rate: mm/min 1-20000


Mitsubishi: M70


Machine Weight: kg 8500

Power Consumption: KVA 35

Coolant Tank Capacity: L 360

Compressed Air Source: kg/cm2 6

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