Gleason No. 15 Bevel Gear Checker

Suitable for checking bevel and hypoid gear blanks from 2" (50.8mm) to 15" (381mm) diameter



Diameter of gear blank maximum:      15" (381mm)

Diameter of gear blank minimum:       2" (51mm)

Spindle nose to crown 

 (maximum for gears and pinions)           2" (51mm)

Spindle nose to Crown (minimum for pinions)

  Back angle up to 70-degrees     4" (102mm)

  Back angle 70-75 degrees          4.25” (108mm)

  Back angle 75-80 degrees          4.5” (114mm)

  Back angle 80-95 degrees          4.75” (121mm)

  Back angle over 85-degrees      5” (127mm)

Travel of indicator (face angle)  0 - 90 degrees

Travel of indicator (back angle)  0 - 90 degrees

Maximum length between centers          17.75” (450mm)

Minimum length between centers           6.5” (165mm)

Diameter of work spindle bore (large end)           3-29/32"  (99mm)

Spindle Taper per foot   39/64”  (1:20)

Depth of spindle taper  6”  (153mm)

Approximate Floor space             22"x 32-11/16" (560x830mm)

Approximate machine net weight            1,900 Lbs. (860 kGs)

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Recommended shipping method:  Flatbed

Shipping Dimensions
Length: 4'
Width: 4'
Height: 6'
Weight: 1900

Shipment Zip Code:  63385

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